A filmmaker, manager, and producer from northern Sweden currently based in Stockholm.
Educated in documentary filmmaking and audiovisual production.
My drive is to tell stories, which has motivated me to experiment with different mediums, to find my way of expression. This curiosity led me to explore documentary filmmaking and audio-visual performance art, and how to work with image, sound, in filmmaking. What inspires me is the possibility to create an emotional impact and be able to interact with an audience, live, or through a screen.



BFA in Audiovisual production
Dalarna University 2014 - 2017, Sweden

Sepcial student exchange
Lake head University 2015-2016, ON, Canada

Construction & Design
Tillskärarakadein 2012 - 2013, Sweden

Documentary filmmaking
School of Red Cross 2010-2011, Sweden
 Some of my work

Maja Francis “Satin Bed Session”
live music video 2021
Director, Cinematographer, editor

Myra Granberg “Liten&Lost”
Music video 2021
Director, producer, editor 

“Mats/Maria” Documentary 2020

Linda Pira ft Njol “Säg mitt namn”
music video 2020
Producer, director

Parham “Fingertoppar”
music video 2019
Producer, Editor

”24h Svart Kvinna“
Theater preformance 2019
Video Scenography, Video design

Seinabo Sey “Live in Globen”
TV show SVT 2019

Seinabo Sey Live show in Globen
Video scenography, live camera producer

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